Insolitus TV
About us

About us


We are a TV production company and a public-interest media organization. We broadcast factual and controversial documentaries, and assist in complex criminal investigations leading to shocking revelations.


“Our vision of civil justice based on truth and fairness is already delivering our planned objectives.” Insolitus Executive Producer


What makes us different?


  • We follow narratives driven by the public with social-media audience participation from concept through to broadcast.


  • We engage subject matter experts in all areas of investigation from police, military, and forensic backgrounds. A former Police and Crime Commissioner is one of our senior consultants. He was responsible for securing jail sentences of over 45 years for the bankers who collapsed HBOS in 2008. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to expose crimes within Lloyds Banking Group and remains in daily communication with our team.


  • Because of evidence already collected on several predatory and unprincipled perpetrators in UK institutions, we have been consulted by some All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) in finance and legal matters.  A new parliamentary group is hosting several events for this and we have secured exclusive access to many thousands of victims and their stories of unimaginable misery.


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