Changing a word in law is changing everything
Changing a word in law is changing everything

Changing a word in law is changing everything


Heightening people’s trust in politics to build a thriving economy with robust long-term investment.




We have two case studies from England soon to be televised. They prove making fairness a law instead of an objective will change everything. This will stop the cost of living crisis by bringing many billions into the country.


For the UK, this could recover the staggering £1.2 trillion stolen by banks as stated by their previous government. Plus billions more taken by corrupt officials as proven by the Good Law Project.


Civil law in England and Wales:


Using clever circular wording, civil procedure rule 1.1(2)(a) states, ensuring that the parties are on an equal footing and can participate fully in proceedings, and that parties and witnesses can give their best evidence.” But this is overridden in point 1.1(1) which states, These Rules are a procedural code with the overriding objective of enabling the court to deal with cases justly and at proportionate cost.



The study proves that PART 1 – OVERRIDING OBJECTIVE giving courts wide discretionary powers, fails to meet most of its own objectives. This allows officers of the court to sign witness statements about what banks have said although nothing has been witnessed.


The study includes High Court orders and public hearings demonstrating that, generally, claims of lies are not judged before trial. The burden of proving lies is placed on the public, although they are not privy to some of what their opponents will say until moments before going into the courtroom.


On 04/10/2023, a judge at the Royal Courts of Justice said all these points are articulated extremely clearly and provided valuable insight. All this fails Article 6 § 1 – The right to a fair trial of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Likewise, the study shows how banks deprive the public of their property through non-payment of taxes or other contributions or penalties. This means Civil Procedure Rules are also incompatible with Article 1 of Protocol No. 1 of the ECHR – Protection of Property.


UK politics


The UK’s mainstream parties have published their knowledge of the problem. A summary of information written by the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP when he was Home Secretary: It was once believed that treating the public fairly in disputes would harm the economy. But, rather than simply acknowledging the problem, mainstream parties will be forced to embrace this change when televised.



Changing Civil Law


Revealing this carefully kept secret, the public is about to see how deceit is written into society. To prevent public protests in England, this case study is being presented to the Master of the Rolls. If this change is not made urgently, a reason will be needed. This will make a legal system demanding the truth, instead of who can claim or defend lies the best.


Civil systems


Public entities have developed their services with civil law not prioritising fairness. All civil courts are overrun with enormous backlogs. This study proves public entities build their business around using civil courts for illegal purposes.


With public services being used against the public, we use common sense and reason to show how this change in civil law will improve everything. From schools, social care, and policing, to all types of bank services, commerce, and politics. Stopping banks from defrauding the public, will more than fund significant change.


Some select quotes


  • George Clooney said, “Misinterpreting parts of law, profits a small number of people at the center of the banking system. But by fully respecting all laws of an all-inclusive political system, the irony is such talented professionals will shape a much bigger future for themselves.”


  • Clive Lewis an English Member of Parliament said, “This problem is at the heart of UK politics and affects everyone. This change will dismantle corruption and reckless trade spiraling our economy out of control.”


  • Former UK Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld said, The scale of systematic fraud makes the postmaster scandal the tip of the iceberg. Evidence is again so overwhelming, but authorities cover it up.”


  • Italy’s award-winning anti-mafia journalist Roberto Saviano said, “Britain is the most corrupt place on Earth.



England’s case study