Spearhead action plan
Spearhead action plan

Spearhead action plan

Insolitus TV is exposing how civil law is written which misleads the public into thinking they will be treated fairly. But it’s actually written for courts to have wide discretionary powers to save costs by trusting officers of the court. This allows law firms to sign witness statements about what banks have said although nothing has been witnessed.


Civil law’s overriding objective:


The civil procedure rules state, 1.1(2)(a) ensuring that the parties are on an equal footing and can participate fully in proceedings, and that parties and witnesses can give their best evidence.” But, overriding this is, 1.1(1) These Rules are a procedural code with the overriding objective of enabling the court to deal with cases justly and at proportionate cost.




High Court of Justice


We will be presenting High Court orders and public hearings demonstrating that, generally, claims of lies are not judged before trial. And the burden of proving lies is placed on the public, although they are not privy to some of what their opponents will say until moments before going into the courtroom.


All civil courts are overrun with enormous backlogs, because civil systems have evolved around the use of the overriding objective this way. Many public entities develop their business around the use of civil courts for illegitimate purposes.


UK’s General Election Winning Pledge


On 04/10/2023, a judge at the Royal Courts of Justice said all these points are articulated extremely clearly and provided valuable insight. Making fairness an overriding law instead of an “objective” will remove courts’ wide discretionary powers. It will save significant time and costs. This change will bring a stolen £1.2 trillion back to the UK economy and make many billions more. It will stop millions of hard-working families being cold and hungry.


Spearhead Action Plan


Gaining leverage over the banks and other institutions that use fraud and other criminal methods to gain unlawful enrichment from the British public.  This will gather momentum as Insolitus.tv interviews victims of the various scams perpetrated over many decades. Making fairness become an overriding law in the UK which can only boost the economy and long-term investment.


Mainstream party policies


Mainstream parties have published their knowledge of the problem. A summary of information written by the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP when he was Home Secretary: It was once believed that treating the public fairly in disputes would harm the economy. But this is outdated as not treating the public fairly costs the UK far more damage and economic loss than all other crimes combined. But, rather than simply acknowledging the problem, it is envisaged that mainstream parties will also adopt this action plan as it gathers momentum.


Some select quotes


  • An English MP (currently remaining anonymous) said, “This problem is at the heart of UK politics and affects everyone. This change will dismantle corruption and reckless trade spiralling our economy out of control.”


  • Anthony Stansfeld said, The scale of systematic fraud makes the postmaster scandal the tip of the iceberg. Evidence is again so overwhelming, but authorities cover it up.”


  • Italy’s award-winning anti-mafia journalist Roberto Saviano said, “Britain is the most corrupt place on Earth.