Insolitus TV
Mission statement

Mission statement

Exposing the elephant in the courtroom.


Revealing UK banks’ carefully kept secret causing far more damage and economic loss than all other crimes combined. Insolitus TV puts its finger on how the public is being scammed by its pillars of society.


With public services being used against the public, we use common sense and reason to show how pledging to change this in the UK’s general election will not only stop the cost-of-living crisis, but will heighten the public’s trust in politics and build a thriving economy based on robust long-term investment.


Insolitus is a groundbreaking documentary on fraudulent banking practices. The chances are high that this will apply to you if you have an existing or discharged loan. The series begins with a 60-minute pilot featuring four 10-minute snapshots of victims. These stories, backed by robust evidence, will captivate audiences.


The series will employ transmedia techniques, releasing 30-second snippets of potential subjects on partners’ social media platforms. The audience will shape the series. They will guide the selection of topics for subsequent episodes. Encouraging audiences to learn more about topics and tune in for the final broadcast.


By the time of broadcast, a ready-made audience will be eager to see the full content. Starting with bank frauds, Insolitus will expand to cover other instances of unjust treatment of the public. Each episode will be introduced by high-profile figures and subject matter experts. Insolitus promises to be more than just a documentary series – it’s an interactive exploration of justice and the search for truth.


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