Don’t bank on it
Don’t bank on it

Don’t bank on it

TV shocking the nation.


Insolitus tell-all series exposes crimes of systematic fraud within the UK. We have interviews of thousands of victims with evidence concealed by regulators supposedly in place to prevent such crimes. Proving Britain’s Post Office scandal is a tiny fraction of the damage and economic loss the UK is experiencing.


The working title is “Don’t Bank on It!”. The pilot episode is due to air in 2024 with the full eight-part series airing on major networks in early 2025. This will conclude by revealing how systemic fraud is at the heart of the UK’s spiralling cost of living crisis.


Supply of this TV offers fame and fortune


This series holds all the ingredients for blockbuster TV with exceptional public interest and expected offscreen revenues of a minimum of £200 million:


  • Commercial sponsorships, affiliations, and advertising – £150 million
  • Partnerships with legal, accounting, and insurance firms – £25 million
  • Donors (political and other beneficiaries) – £15 million
  • Victims PR budget – £10 million



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